Mental Health needs concern

I was too young to know about the things. Like why she was so hysterical and what it means to be dead. But it happened to that older self. I never found mother telling about herself. Maybe I was too unreliable or too childish. She came under the grip of this horrible disease called schizophrenia. Years later when I am analysing things I came to know what it might have been. I never heard of hallucination kind of things directly from her. From my little knowledge from newspaper I came to know about the disease. But I didnot know about the grave of the situation .And when I saw her she is already possessed by the disease.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health needs concern

  1. Hey. It’s Brandon Ezzard, from

    I was wondering, and just as an owner of it wanted to see what’s up with you.

    Do you still read the blog? Do you visit it at all anymore? Have you learned anything? Has it impacted your life in any way?

    P.S. I know this is the wrong place to post this but I wanted to contact you and didn’t exactly know a better way!

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